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We are an Indie Game Development studio based in Coimbra, Portugal.


Portugal is a wonderful country with great life quality. People are super friendly, there's many places to visit and it's one of the safest countries in the world. Plus, if you are like us and enjoy a good meal, the gastronomy is outstanding.


Coimbra is in the center of Portugal, divided by Mondego River, it's full of history, has a vibrant academic life, there's lot of green spaces and we don't have the hassle of a big city with lots of traffic.

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We focus on the lifestyle!

  • We encourage productivity, instead of working hours.

  • Employees can work from home whenever needed.

  • We all take decisions and participate in the future of the company.

  • You get the resources you need to achieve your goals. Either hardware or software, either in the studio or at home.

  • You can keep on learning and improve yourself (taking courses, reading, watching tutorials, etc)

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Let us know if you are interested by simply sending an email with your application/portfolio:

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